Lab Testing

Our office has is set up with Lab Corp and can order a variety of tests. Dr. Ashley recommends that patients have annual blood work to stay their healthiest. Ask to set up a nutritional consult to get some of your labs ordered today!

Common Blood Tests-

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Complete Blood Count

Glucose and hA1C

Blood type

Liver panel

Thyroid panel- TSH, T3, T4, T7

Vitamin D

Iron, Ferritin, and other anemia markers

Inflammation markers-CRP, ESR, LDH

There are many supplements, fad diets, and conflicting nutritional information out there which can make things very confusing. Our office uses diagnostic tests (such as blood and hair analysis) to make a specific plan for you to be as healthy as possible. This is all done according to your findings, no plan is the same.
These lab tests can also help you discover if you are progressing towards a disease before it is too late or if you are truly healthy. For example, the first symptom for some people of heart disease is a heart attack. Early detection and correction are key elements in living a healthy life. We look forward to serving your nutritional needs.